Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Brian Welch Walked Away

Why did God put us on this earth? I believe He put us here to love us.

This is an awesome testimony of God's love.


Latter Days Ministry said...

"God put me on this earth to have intimacy and fellowship with Him." My God, this man knows more about the Lord than most people in church. The faith of this man is astounding.

I really thank you for this Tika. It is so easy to make assumptions about people based on appearances. May God smash to bits all of our preconceived notions.

Thank you God for saving this man's soul. Please continue to guide him and protect his daughter so that they can glorify your name. I praise you Lord for loving all of us and being no respecter of persons.

Gideon's Trumpet said...

Even the world knows you can't judge a book by its cover...

“…for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” – Luke 16:8

This is why we are warned to test the spirits to see if they are of God. Don’t always assume a preconceived notion means someone is damned by the way they look, likewise a preconceived notion can assume a person to be on a path they are not really on. Jesus says we will know spirits by their fruit. While I know none is good but God, it usually doesn’t take too much poking around to see trouble, and Brian Welch is still in serious trouble. Hopefully he and those that follow him will find the real Jesus Christ…the Bible does say that we could easily bear with another Jesus – thinking he’s the real Jesus.

There’s a you-tube video of him being interviewed by CNN. Here we see him reading his Bible on the top of his roof :-/ We see him talking about his Grammy’s that he still keeps. His web site still promotes him as “Head” – his nickname while with Korn, along with the outer countenance that totally witnesses against him. I’m sure he didn’t have the “Jesus” and script quotation tattoes before he got saved either. The tell-tale sign is when he testified that when he was repenting he says that the Lord told him to forsake all his Korn fame and “I will make you a star myself”…that is the devil! All this came to the boy while he was snorting crystal meth and reading a bible. Curse the devil! I’m not saying that Brian Welch is damned…I’m just calling the devil a devil.

It may sound like I’m brow beating but I’m not – I’m just being realistic. Why do we tend to give more credence to “stars” that talk a talk of salvation? I think it’s because we have been so ingrained with idolatry ourselves that we tend to still look up to a star – like this guy or Steve Harvey for example. What’s the difference between him and thousands of unknowns that are swaying in worship to their god in the mosh pits?

“I pray not for the world, but for them Father that you have given me for they are yours”. – Jesus.

PS (postus secondarius):

In case you hadn’t noticed…beware of singers of nice songs such as the girl in the video below the Welch post. I was liking on the song myself but then I heard her say something to the effect of “when heaven touches earth like a wet sloppy kiss”…a what?!? To me that’s a spot…it’s a blemish. Then you find out she’s the fruit of Bill Johnson’s “The Jesus Culture”…that explains a lot. The bottom line is we all have to be convicted in order to repent of our evil deeds. You see elements of flesh in a lot of praise and worship songs/artists. One of my personal favorites is Brian Doerksen. One day I noticed that his web site had one of those personal notes about what music he listens to…Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLaughlin etc….I’m thinking – WHAT!….NOOOOOOOOOOO!”. I sent an email pointing it out along with an accompanying video from Good Fight Ministries. Some time later I noticed that stuff was pulled from the site…hopefully it’s for the right reason…just like I hope Brian Welch gets to the right Lord! And I hope that many “famous” people come out of their delusions and sin and proclaim to all their followers what has happened to them – I always figured it would be some great testimony because there’s so many that follow these people…God will make a way!

“When men are in sin, and the devil comforts them, they think it is the Holy Ghost. And when men are in sin, and the Holy Ghost convicts them, they think it is the devil." – some other guy, but it’s true as if Jesus said it.



TikaStar* said...

Brother Tom,

I appreciate your comments as I can tell that you are concerned about the views and well fare of other believers. Do know that I do not follow or know nothing about Bill Johnson but I have found the worship songs from Kim Walker and her other band mates to be uplifting and encouraging.

As for the gentleman in the video above, I care nothing of his celebrity status nor anyone else's status. Truth is, this band that he is a former member of was popular while I was in high school so I was intrigued nonetheless that he had made a decision for the Lord. Now some may have issues with his path to the Lord and even his life afterward may be questionable (which I don't know much about) but I felt that this video was an awesome testimony and reminder as to how God can change the hearts of those who live such a dark life-style. Just as he has you as I have taken time to read your bio and I thank God for your testimony as well.

I support Brian Welch and and any other born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as far as their relationship with the Lord is concerned. No I don't feel that he should continue getting tattoes and I also find his comment about being made a star VERY questionable but I pray for his growth in the Lord and I pray that he is able to truly forsake ALL (even his old stage name) for the sake of Christ.

God Bless You brother Tom.

Oh and thanks for visiting my blog. I am actually rather surprised that I had a surprise visitor.