Monday, January 11, 2010

We Fall Prey...

You know how easy it is to spread a rumor? We have all, at some point in our lives, either been a victim of a rumor or the spreader of the rumor. It spreads like gangrene and it doesn't matter how many supporting facts there are to disprove that rumor, there are always some that would rather take the rumor as the truth instead of the cold hard facts. It seems to be the same with "false doctrine."

It goes like this...a well known "Christian" figure (preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet) comes on the scence talking about what God has revealed to them. More times than not, this person has gathered quite a nice size following has gained a significant amount of trust from these followers. Okay, so they go on preaching concerning their revelation or what thus saith the Lord. It is different. Its something most of the people have never heard before. To some something just doesn't seem quite right and there are questions raised in their minds. To others, they go right along with it because they trust in this person so much that everything they say MUST be of God. Now don't get me wrong, there are some that hold to the truths of the Gospel and most of the time what Lord speaks to them lines up with Scripture. Needless to say, these are those that are truly being led by the Spirit of God. I am not speaking of these. So back to my point....these strange and unbiblical teachings begin to spread like wildfire with no one to extinguish them.

What we are left with are well meaning believers in Jesus Christ who are being led to believe lies! At first thought, one would think "there is no way that the people who are being led astray could know the Word of God or even be led of His Spirit." One would think that statement is true. But how do you explain those believers that have are walking with the Lord and know what Scripture says and are born again but still choose to go along with it? Let me just say this, what I have found is that it is very easy to get caught up with certain things. The reason why we allow ourselves to get caught up could be to be accepted by others or as I stated above, there is so much trust in the deliverer of certain messages that it is difficult for us to separate what we know is truth in support of that person. Anyone that takes a man's/woman's word over the Word of Christ IS JUST DOWNRIGHT IN ERROR. AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT. IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE LEADING AND PROMPTING OF THE HOLY GHOST AND FOLLOWING CHRIST YOU ARE FOLLOWING AFTER FLESH. It does not matter how well meaning that person is, it is your/OUR responsibility as disciples of the Lord to make Him(Jesus Christ) the final authority on all matters. So I would suggest to you that you make it your life's urgent matter to get with Jesus and get with Him good. Learn to discern and hear and know His voice when He speaks. Read His Word and learn how it relates to believers today. Let God minister to you first and foremost so when you hear preaching from others and when someone speaks a Word of prophecy you will know if it is from the Lord or some other spirit.

The point I am trying to make in all of this is: Don't get caught up in things just because that is what everyone else is going with. 1 John 4:1 tells us to not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. Test the spirit to see whether it be from God.

I am really probably the last person that needs to be speaking about this. In reality it may be coming more out of frustration than anything so take what I say for a grain of salt but please do remember that we are walking this walk and living this life to Christ (or at least we should be). Let me repeat...TO CHRIST! That is one thing no one should get twisted. Don't be decieved by every teaching and wave of doctrine that comes your way. Pray and ask the Lord to help you discern one way or the other. We have too much of a responsibilty on this earth as believers to be walking around believing lies and being decieved. 2 Timothy 3 talks about there being some that will not only be deceivers but they will be deceived themselves as well. I believe God wants to make a final impact on this earth before He returns and we have to be "sober and vigilant" enough in the truth to even think about being a witness for Jesus Christ.

I ask that you pray for me. Just pray that the Lord will saturate me in HIS truth and that I will be bold enough to speak against the lies of the devil as the Spirit leads me to do so. And to not reflect in my attitude how bummed I am about this all. :-(

Yall I love Jesus...I just don't understand why people (who claim to be His) would try and take anything from Him...okay..I'm done.

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