Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blessed Blissfulness

There comes several points in our lives when we find that it becomes difficult to get a hold on what is really happening to us on a personal level. Confusion sets in and we feel all frazzled concerning our current state and our future position. Fear and uncertainty become all too familiar to us and often times we embrace them as inhabitants of our home, as the normal operators of our lives.

There then comes a point in life when a decision has to be made. The time comes when you either totally and completely succumb to the confusion and fear which become torment or we make it up in our minds that our current situation is unacceptable and will NOT be a determining factor in our future.

We should seek to be joyful in the Lord because it is through His joy that we are given the strengyh to endure the trying times and overcome the confusion. We should seek to enter a placed of blissful rest in God knowing the He is the one who has the power to deliver us from all things that afflict us...oh but here is the key...WE MUST TRUST HIM!!!!! And if we trust Him WE MUST OBEY HIM!!! And not only that but consult with Him. Many times our confusion stems from a lack of direction and if we are not seeking the Father for that direction we become frustrated and joy and peace are hard to come by. Life becomes a blur and everyday things that should make sense have quickly become trivial matters engrained in our minds. OH BUT TO FIND THE JOY OF THE LORD!! To rest in his bliss.

If you look up the word bliss in the dictionary you will find one definition that says the ecstasy of salvation or spiritual joy!!!! PRAISE GOD....But let us go a little further....Ecstasy (not the pill) is the overpowering exaltation or emotion; an intense feeling! If we allow God's joy or bliss to overpower us then the world CANNOT overtake us. We have got to take a hold of the joy that God has promised us and be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and stand in Him with exceeding GREAT JOY!!!! We can get lost in HIs presence and in His life. Oh what blessed blissfulness we can experience when we focus on Jesus Christ when are minds are stayed on Him. If we seek Him in His fullness and not just for the things that WE want we will find that we can be more joyful and at peace with the Lord than we could have ever imagined. He is the Ultimate extreme gift giver, the maker of all things and Supreme ruler of all. His ways are right and His law is just.

Believe in Him and receive His salvation and be overtaken by His BLISS.....This blessed blissfulness.

For those of you that know Him I encourage you in this.

For those of you that do not know Him I invite you to get to know Him by first receiving His salvation! His salvation is made available to ALL that will believe in Him abd repent from their old way of living and adopt the new way in Christ. By first committing the heart to Jesus Christ and allowing the life to follow after the things that He teaches in His Word (which is the Bible).

I Love You All!

Blissfully Blessed*

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