Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

You know what? Truth, down right Biblical truth makes people uncomfortable! It causes some to be uncomfortable to hear it. It cause some that know it uncomfortable to speak it. And it causes some that speak it uncomfortable to receive the reactions from others, so they silence themselves.

People make the comment that truth is relative but truth is not relative, it is absolute! What's even more unsettling is that the Church (body of believers) is divided concerning issues of the truth. We have lots of opinions(which is what I guess this whole blogging thing is)and nothing to base them on except a shoddy understanding of God's Word. Let me interject with Proverbs 4:7 - in all your getting get an understanding. Dear friends, I am guilty of this as well! And so are you! Which is why I seek to know more.

I am at the point now that I want the full unadulterated truth no matter how much it hurts because all that it will do is kill me to life and allow this dear old flesh that I have been allowing to control me for so long to die die die! That is if I can be humble and grateful enough to receive the Truth and correction from GOD.

Not that legalistic stuff that says don't touch that, don't wear that, only say this but the kind of Truth that will cause me to draw closer to God. The kind of truth that convicts me when I do wrong or sin against God and lets me know that it is NOT oaky. I desire a realer than real wide open relationship with Him. You know what else is crazy? The closer we seem to get to God the further away our minds become from the world and things of this world, people start to think that you are just down right crazy and fanatical! People holler we need to be balanced but balanced in what? Most of the time people say that and what it ends producing is compromise. Again the importance of knowing what the Word says. See, Jesus ate with sinners to teach sinners theway because He is the Truth but He did not conform to them in any way and He was totally and completely balanced. He met them where they were to give them the opportunity to come up to Him and not for Him to come down to their level. I believe balance is important but we should be certain to seek balance in the things of God! How can you balance wordly things with spiritual? It just won't happen....the scale will forever be tipped.

And another thing, If you ask me how I'm doing I will say blessed and highly favored because I am! If that offends you or if that makes you feel uncomfortable then I apologize that you can't handle the truth. If you don't feel that way about yourself then I am only admonishing you to re evaluate your worth in Jesus Christ. And please please please let us not only equate blessing with the material. This point cannot be reiterated enough. The last thing that being blessed in Christ is material wealth and possessions. I did not say that God allowing us to have material things is not a blessing but what I am saying is those are the last things we should look to be blessed with. That's all.

Yall I am just saying this because I love God so extremely much and I love you all so much! I just don't want US to perish because we lack knowledge and because we allow half truths (which is no truth at all) to creep into our lives. So help me help you as I help you help me........

Loved Ones....Brothers and Sisters....
Let's seek the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

I Love You All!

You are Blessed by God and Highly Favored if you are walking with Him!

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